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About our Studio

Body in Balance Yoga is Hauppauge's premiere yoga studio, conveniently located just minutes from the Northern State Parkway and Veterans Highway. Body in Balance offers a variety of yoga classes and styles of yoga to suit the needs of all practitioners from complete beginner to advanced. We also offer Tai Chi weekly.  We offer daytime, evening, and weekend classes to fit into all schedules. We also provide semi-regular specialty classes, including Candlelit Healing Guided Meditation with Reiki and Flow Harmony (yoga with live music).


What makes yoga unique?

- Yoga, literally meaning "union," is the only form of physical activity that truly integrates the body, mind, and spirit.  By practicing "asanas" (postures/poses), the body is given a total body physical workout, which not only strengthens and tones the body, but also provides deep stretching, relaxation, and improved flexibility.  It is a holistic approach to total physical and emotional health that improves physical fitness and mental and emotional well being.

- Yoga begins with the breath and enables practitioners to integrate the breath to provide the backbone for an empowering practice.  This connection to the breath is what sets yoga apart from other forms of activity.  It invokes a deep sense of relaxation, stress relief, inner healing, and peace, as well as marked physical improvents in the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

- Yoga is the perfect complement to a regular exercise regimen. Improving flexibility through yoga helps enhance strength and prevent injury. Yoga also helps to tone muscles and improve core stability.

- Yoga enhances healing and works synergistically with physical therapy to improve range of motion and strength, and aids in recovery.

- Yoga improves posture and helps maintain a healthy, flexible spine.  It is the ultimate form of preventing low back and neck pain or healing pre-existing back and neck injuries.

- Yoga helps regulate hormonal balance, improve sleep patterns, boost immunity, and reduce anxiety


Price List
Updated 2/12/2018

- Drop in Class - $20

- 5 Class Card (expires in 3 months) - $85

- 10 Class Card (expires in 6 months) - $150

- Monthly Unlimited Yoga (month to month) - $99


Kid's Yoga

- Drop in Class - $10

- 4 Class Card (expires in 2 months) - $32

- 1 Month Unlimited Yoga - $60

Staff Bios

Lisa Muchnik, Yoga Manager and Instructor

Lisa Muchnik has been practicing yoga since 2007 and completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training certification in Santa Barbara, California at the White Lotus Yoga Foundation.

Throughout the years, she has practiced many forms of yoga, including Vinayasa Flow, Hatha, Restorative, Power Yoga, Hot Yoga, and Partner/ Acro Yoga.

She also holds a certification in Therapeutic Yoga.

In addition to her roles as yoga manager and yoga instructor at Body In Balance, Lisa is a practicing Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. With this background and specialized training, she has a profound understanding and strong working knowledge of anatomy, pain etiology and management, disease pathophysiology, and healing.

She is a Certified Reiki practitioner as well, and frequently incorporates Reiki treatments into the Guided Meditation classes and special events at the studio.

Lisa is also a trained belly dancer/ dance instructor and modern dancer. She and her husband Marc, who is a yoga instructor himself and a musician, have found new and innovative ways to integrate live music with yoga practice.

Lisa teaches flowing yoga sequences, often infused with dance elements, to go along with Marc’s live keyboard playing in their unique Flow Harmony class. The addition of live music while practicing yoga is extremely powerful and helps create a more dynamic and intuitive practice.

Yoga has been a transformational and inspirational force in Lisa’s life and sharing her love and knowledge of yoga with her student is one of her greatest passions in life.


Laura Cafiero, Yoga instructor

Laura Cafiero was introduced to Yoga in the 1970s when she injured her lower spine and was looking for a way to alleviate the constant pain she experienced.

The discovery of Yoga changed her life and she became dedicated to her practice. She started teaching Hatha Yoga in the late 1970s and received her 200 certification through the Yoga Teachers Training Institute of Long Island in 2000.

She continued her education and completed her 500 hour certification in 2002.

Recognizing that as students’ bodies change over the years and they need to adapt their yoga practice to these changes, she became certified in chair yoga.

In 2006 she completed training in the Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga program.

While this class is beneficial to seniors, it is appropriate for clients of all ages who have chalenges in getting up or down on a mat to participate in a regular yoga class.

In 2010 she completed the Level II course in Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga. Lakshmi’s motto is to “Get Fit Where You Sit.”

The Gentle Yoga Class that Laura has developed allows the students to do basic postures and achieve maximum results. The class helps to strengthen, develop flexibility, improve endurance and distress the body. The relaxation at the end of the class brings about peace and tranquility to the body and mind.


Marc Muchnik, Yoga Instructor

Marc received his 200 hour yoga teacher certification at the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA in August 2014. He is also a certified Reiki practitioner.

Marc is a practicing school psychologist at a Kindergarten through second grade building, and utilizes yogic techniques in his group work with children. He is also a classically trained pianist/keyboardist and has been playing and performing since he was a young child. Marc's penchant for crafting original music and playing the keyboard is fully realized in his and Lisa's Flow Harmony classes.

Marc has always been passionate about fitness, growing up in a family of runners. He started weight training and bodybuilding in his early teens, and began practicing yoga at the suggestion of his future wife, Lisa. Marc and Lisa’s second date was a yoga class, on Valentine’s Day no less! The transition from weight lifting to yoga was somewhat more seamless than one would expect for Marc, and his regular practice has grown to include Vinyasa flow, Hatha, Restorative, Power Yoga, and Partner Yoga. He credits yoga with having greatly improved his sleep patterns, flexibility, stress response, and overall well-being.