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Amid the uncertainty of the historic pandemic that is COVID-19, many of us struggle to settle in to a daily routine that we never would have imagined. 

We know many of you are doing your part, whether it be staying home to help flatten to curve, or reporting to work as an essential worker. Whatever the case, we wanted to let you know Body In Balance is here for you!

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a virtual appointment with one of our Physical Therapists via phone or video call. We can offer you many of the same services that are available in the office but instead from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Who can use Telehealth?

You can be a new patient, current patient, or returning after a break. 

Does my insurance cover Telehealth?

With the ever-changing situation due to COVID-19, many insurances have waived regulations on providers offering telehealth services. This means that your insurance will most likely cover telehealth with no additional costs.*
If your insurance does not cover telehealth, we will work with you so you can still start or continue your physical therapy care. 

Do I have to download anything for the video call?

Nope, we make it as easy and quick as possible. Just check your email for the link to start your telehealth session with your physical therapist!

Video call...is that safe?

Yes! We use a platform that is HIPAA compliant. It will send you a one-time link that is encrypted and can only be accessed through your email.

How do I get started?

Give the office a call at (631) 232- 5350.
You will need to sign a Telehealth consent form here.
Once that is complete, we can set up an appointment time with your therapist.

*Exceptions may apply

Want Some Help?