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What Are Common Shoulder Injuries?

Shoulder injuries are one of the most common injuries patients suffer from and go to physical therapy. Shoulder injuries can be caused by exercise or sports, as well as many repetitive motions that can pertain to your job or a hobby you may have. Because your shoulder is a key joint that is involved with many of your arm movements patterns it can be more prone to injuries. Some of the most common shoulder injuries involve the soft tissues or supporting muscles in the shoulders, such as sprains, strains, and tears. To learn more about common shoulder injuries and how physical therapy in Dix Hills, NY can help you, reach out to us at Body in Balance Physical Therapy and learn more!

Common Shoulder Injuries

The most common shoulder injuries usually involve the muscle, joints, ligaments, and tendons of the shoulder more than the bones. This is because the bones in the shoulder are particularly tough, but because of how much the shoulder is involved in your movement the muscles and tendons can be placed under many stressful situations. To learn how physical therapy in Dix Hills, NY can help you with shoulder injuries you are suffering from, contact us at Body in Balance Physical Therapy and see how we can help! Some of the more common injuries include:

  • Shoulder Strains: Stretching to tearing in the muscle or tendons of the shoulder. This is usually caused by repetitive stress, such as holding the arm in a certain position while carrying an item or typing, or repetitive overhead movements in a sport.

  • Shoulder Sprain: In a shoulder sprain, the ligaments and supporting muscles are damaged or torn, and the bones can become unstabilized, dislocated, or separated. This injury usually occurs from direct injuries or trauma to the shoulder. There are different grades of sprains you can suffer from, with higher grades denoting a more severe sprain with more severe damage to the muscles and surrounding area.

  • Shoulder Tear: A tear is an injury in the soft tissues of the joint. Tears can come as partial tears, or complete tears that sever a tendon, muscle, or labrum. Additionally, many small tears over time can cause a more severe tear later. Tears are usually caused by repetitive use but can be exacerbated by a sudden injury. The three main tears people develop in their shoulders include Rotator Cuff tears, Bicep Tendon tears, or Labral tears.

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While these are some of the most common shoulder injuries people suffer from, there are many more niche and unique injuries that you may develop in your shoulders. To find the exact problem you are suffering from, and receive physical therapy in Dix Hills, NY to treat your shoulder complications, visit our website or make an appointment at Body in Balance Physical therapy and see what we can do for you!

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