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Our Philosophy

Treatment Philosophy
The body system consists of many components that, in an efficient state, perform together as an integrated functional unit.  A posture that is balanced in its relationship to its base of support and gravity requires the least amount of energy to achieve a desired effect.  In an efficient state, each structural component distributes weight, absorbs and transfers shock, has full available range of motion, and control of movement to meet the functional needs of both stability and mobility.  Our goal is to restore efficient body structure and function to maximally resolve current symptoms and prevent future reoccurring ailments.

The highly trained therapists at Body In Balance Physical Therapy evaluate both the symptomatic structures, their related segments, and quality of movement to create a treatment plan consisting of manual therapies of restricted tissues and joints, training in new patterns of movement, and implementation of a specific exercise program for strength, flexibility, and stability.  In contrast to the use of commonplace treatment (hot packs and general exercise) to temporarily decrease pain, finding and correcting the true source of dysfunction and eliminating faulty biomechanics is our mission at Body In Balance Physical Therapy. We aim to provide the highest quality advanced manual skills and techniques for orthopedic, sports, neurological, and women’s/men’s pelvic conditions. When you choose Body In Balance Physical Therapy, you are choosing the experts in patient care!

Fitness & Training Philosophy
Physical fitness is a measure of one’s ability to function efficiently at any level of activity. This level of activity varies depending upon the demands of your profession and lifestyle; however, the same factors that affect the performance of a professional athlete on game day can impact an elderly person taking in the groceries. Every individual has the capacity to improve their lives through exercise, fitness and nutrition. At Body In Balance we draw upon the unique experiences of Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Pilates Instructors, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists, and Personal Trainers to address each individual from a “whole-person” perspective. This unique approach to fitness and sports performance training allows for the identification and remediation of specific weaknesses in order to optimize training while simultaneously preventing susceptibility to future injury. We dedicate ourselves to motivating you to not only excel in your fitness and athletic endeavors, but to realize your own personal potential and develop the skills you’ll need to succeed in life; skills such as discipline, confidence, preparation, self-motivation and leadership.  We invite you to come join us at Body In Balance and begin taking steps towards a healthier and fitter life.

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