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What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a form of exercise based on an ancient lineage of martial arts originating in China. It utilizes gentle, slow, coordinated movements to integrate the body with the mind and breath to strengthen, improve overall health and wellness, relieve stress, and create a state of relaxation. Modifications can be made to accomodate injuries, illnesses, and limited or diminished ranges of motion.  

These classes provide a perfect complement to a Physical Therapy regimen to improve healing and provide relaxation and stress relief.  Tai Chi classes also pair perfectly with an existing yoga practice or gym routine to create balance, improve strength, release tension, and maximize gains from these other forms of exercise.

Please see our insructor Judith Budd-Walsh's website for Tai Chi demo video and power point presentation regarding complementary benefits to Physical Therapy:


Complete Tai Chi/Yoga Schedule 

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Price List 
Updated 2/12/2018

- Drop in Class - $20

- 5 Class Card (expires in 3 months) - $85

- 10 Class Card (expires in 6 months) - $150

- Monthly Unlimited Yoga (month to month) - $99

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