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About The Studio

Body in Balance Yoga is Hauppauge's premiere yoga studio, conveniently located just minutes from the Northern State
Parkway and Veterans Highway. Body in Balance offers a variety of yoga classes and styles of yoga to suit the needs of all practitioners from complete beginner to advanced. We offer daytime and evening classes to fit into all schedules. 

About The Classes

Restorative Yoga: Class for deep relaxation. Props are used to support you and to make poses more passive.

Slow Flow Vinyasa: Similar to a typical vinyasa class but conducted at a slower pace. Class will combine both strengthening and stretching.

Yoga for Pelvic Floor Strength: Yoga class specifically tailored to improve pelvic floor and core strength.

Yoga for Pelvic Floor Relaxation: Yoga class specifically tailored to relaxing the pelvic floor muscles.

What makes yoga unique?

- Yoga, literally meaning "union," is the only form of physical activity that truly integrates the body, mind, and spirit. By practicing "asanas" (postures/poses), the body is given a total body physical workout, which not only strengthens and tones the body, but also provides deep stretching, relaxation, and improved flexibility. It is a holistic approach to total physical and emotional health that improves physical fitness and mental and emotional well being.

- Yoga begins with the breath and enables practitioners to integrate the breath to provide the backbone for an empowering practice. This connection to the breath is what sets yoga apart from other forms of activity. It invokes a deep sense of relaxation, stress relief, inner healing, and peace, as well as marked physical improvents in the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

- Yoga is the perfect complement to a regular exercise regimen. Improving flexibility through yoga helps enhance strength and prevent injury. Yoga also helps to tone muscles and improve core stability.

- Yoga enhances healing and works synergistically with physical therapy to improve range of motion and strength, and aids in recovery.

- Yoga improves posture and helps maintain a healthy, flexible spine. It is the ultimate form of preventing low back and neck pain or healing pre-existing back and neck injuries.

- Yoga helps regulate hormonal balance, improve sleep patterns, boost immunity, and reduce anxiety

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