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Walking without pain

“I was diagnosed as having a torn meniscus and lower back problems. I was unable to walk or stand without severe pain. After consulting with an orthopedic surgeon, I opted to first try physical therapy in lieu of surgery.  I started at Body In Balance and, in less than one month, my back pain was gone and my knee pain was decreasing. I am now able to stand and walk without any pain. I was amazed at the caring manner and dedication of these highly skilled therapists.”
– R. M.

Hockey player help

“As a professional hockey player, my career depends on my health. The staff at Body In Balance Physical Therapy came highly recommended and lived up to their reputation. They have kept me in the game!
–  Jan Platil, Professional Hockey Player

Able to move again

“I had little or no strength in my knees and legs.  I was not able to get up from a sitting position and now I can.  After treatment and exercise at Body In Balance I have gained strength in my knees and legs and confidence.  I feel the improvement and that is a positive feeling.’’

Pain reduced greatly

“I had radiation treatment and the result was scar tissue which brought my left shoulder up and forward.  I had been treated by another physical therapist and had accomplished nothing. I came to Body In Balance one year after my radiation treatment and was unable to do much of anything.  Today, thanks to my physical therapist, I have 75% less pain.  I cannot thank Body in Balance enough for all that they have done for me.”
– M.S.

Recovered from knee surgery

“I came here 18 days after a total knee replacement surgery. I was using a cane and needed help to do most ordinary activities. Every therapist was excellent in professional expertise and personal assets. I looked forward to coming to Body In Balance for therapy as a treat rather than a treatment.  I am leaving liberated from every barrier. I can walk, run and jump.”
– F.B.

Neck and shoulder pain eased

“When I first came to Body In Balance my neck and shoulders were always in pain by the end of the day.  When I started treatment there I started to feel a tremendous improvement.  With the treatment they have prescribed I can now keep my back and neck up without pain.”
– C.V.

“When I came to Body In Balance, I had been suffering from anal fissures for over seven years. I had undergone three surgeries and used several medications in an attempt to resolve the issue; with no success. I was feeling hopeless and frustrated with the situation. The physical therapist assured me that I could expect improvement under her care. Within weeks of following her recommendations and seeing her twice a week, I started to make progress. After more than seven months of her consistent care I was able to reduce my pain from 10/10 to almost 0/10.”
– K.S.

Want Some Help?